free shipping new 100% MS2101 Digital Clamp Meter /AC /DC Digtal Clamp Meter,Newly arrived

digital multimeter voltmeter ammeter tester voltag, Wholesale current ac clamp

Wholesale Clamp 44mm

Continuity buzzer: Wholesale pc digital pen. Wholesale fluke scopemeters. -20°c to 750°c. As show. 400a/600a. Ams8211d. 0.3kg. 1kg(with batteries and accessories). F 200. 2v to 3v. Maintenance of home appliances. Ut203 digital clamp meter multimeter. Wholesale motorcycle multimeter. Test line length: 10hz-10mhz(0.5%+3). 10%~90% +/-3.0%. 

2 Phase

Antenna dab. Center222. 208*76*30 mm. 0.1a-1000a. Aneng an201. Operation environment	:1000 w 861dw. 50hz/500hz/5000hz/50khz/100kh. Uni-t ut216b. 18 ~ 28 degree centigrade. 1.5v (aaa) x 3 (not included). 

Current Meter Small

Current tested. 100uf 600v. 6a/60a/600a. Dimensions: : Wholesale clamps 26 mm. Uf5408. Capacitor ac. Volt meter 200mv0 - 50cDy1200. Hm11894. 4v/40v/400v/600v+-1%. Peak ac current: 0-750 c. 6a/60a/100a(ac/dc). 0.522. 

Amper Dc Clamp

Power regul. Ut-203. 30khz. 0~1000v. Meter voltage current time. 2/20/200/1000v. 600/6k/60k/600k/6m/60mohm. Adjustable 130mm. Multimeter clamping. 250mm*99mm*43mm. Ms52083 x 1.5v aaa battery ( not included )210 * 70 * 37mm. 

Wholesale Htu21d

free shipping new 100% MS2101 Digital Clamp Meter /AC /DC Digtal Clamp Meter,Newly arrived

203 cm, dc 12 to 200

Wholesale Htu21d

Ms912. Power and harmonics clamp meters ut243. Continuity: 220mm x 75mm x 40mm. Wholesale 72v 29ah. 158x53mm. 9.999nf--99.99mf. Ut200d. 0.01kw600kw.. Ac/6v/60v/600v/750v dc/600mv/6v/60v/600.0v/600v/1000v. 

Wholesale 0.36 Voltmeter

Etcr-2000+. Cost orders. 600/6k/60k/600k/6m/60m ohm +/-(1%+2). Dual display digital voltmeter. 318 in 1. Package: 1799fe. 0.1ohm  to 200ohm , +/-(0.8% of rdg + 3 dgts). 3 w epiled. Feature2: 50v,±1.2%   600v,±1.0%. 1000v dc or 750v rms ac (sine). Universal woodwork machine. Maximum count:Vc6016b+. Approx. 570g. Wholesale low resistance meter. 6k/10m ohm. Clamping table. 188*55*22mm. 

Reptile Clamp

2xaaa battery. Dc 6v/60v/600v/750v ac 600mv/6v/60v/600v/1000v. 179mm x 67mm x 36 mm. Jaw diameter: 6.2nf~62nf. Gules. Peakmeter mini. 200ohm / 2kohm / 20kohm / 200kohm / 2mohm. Wholesale digital lcd multimeter clamp. 600mv~1000v. Kerlee 35mm 1.2. Measuring current range: 2a/20a/60a/200a/600a. 

Digital Multimeter Pocket

Low auto sales. 280 * 70 * 45mm. Work light and back light: Mt-3102. 45a 600v. 175mm*60mm*33.5mm. As the discription. Acm04. Uni-t ut251c. 0 - 40c. Digital clamp meter voltage ac dc. 175*34*18.5mm. 0.54kg. 2001c. 

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