Multimeter Hantek CC 65 CC65 AC DC Current Clamp Meter Transducer with BNC Connector Oscilloscope for Automotive Repair 20mA~65A

1 630v, xer 6000

Meter 1 Phase

Ut210e. Exhaust v band clamp. 286*105*45. 20-200-600a [± (2% + 5dgt)]. Wholesale multy meter clamp. 2000m/20/200/600a. 0~40 degree. Pointing to the target area. M590e. -20 degree to 1000 degree(-4 fahrenheit to 1832 fahrenheit). -40c~ 1000c, <85% rh. School experiment teaching. Fdik clamp. Safety barrel. Clamps tube. 

Tester Digital Mini

0.465kgs. 200-1000a ±2.0%. Dc:200mv /2v/20v/200v /1000v ;ac:200v/750v. Min mode: 150x60x28mm. 200-200k. Is_customized: 3 3/4 digits lcd, with a max. reading of 3999. Low battery indication : Temperature: : 

Wholesale Measurement Multimeter

Vktech. 20v/600v/600v. As below. 380g(batteries not included). Ac 600mv/6v/60v/600v/750v. 0.1a - 400a a.c. rms. High accuracy uni-t ut201. Probe current. Features 5: 40/400/4k/40k/100k hz. 2mohm. Meter 380v. Ruoshui. 0.01~1200ohm. 200ma/2a/150a. -40-1000 c. G119773. 208mm * 76mm * 30mm. 22 * 9 * 3.5cm. 225 * 97 * 40 mm.. 

Current Peak

Victor 6016c. Iv generator250(l) x 130(w) x50(d)mm. 130 mm length. 10ma/400a/600a. Wholesale clamp meter leakages. Wholesale mini multimeter. 2002pa. +-(0.8%+3). 0 to 40c. 2a/20a/200a/500a. Dc:400m v / 4v/40v / 400v / 1000v&ac:400mv/4v/40v/400v/750v. 66a/660a+/-3.0%. Clamps for lathes. Electrical. 31mm/1.2 inch. Jetting. Ac/dc volts, ac/dc current, resistance, frequency, continuity.. Dual diaply. 

4uf 600v

Multimeter Hantek CC 65 CC65 AC DC Current Clamp Meter Transducer with BNC Connector Oscilloscope for Automotive Repair 20mA~65A

digital meter range finder, 4uf 600v

Hvac Unit

60mv~1000v. Adjusting resistors. Acm01 plus. 0~600aWholesale multimeter mt87. Ut222Em2016a   voltage current digital clamp meter. Phone cable wire tracker. Plastic. 400mv~1000v. 660/6.6k/66k/660k/6.6mohm, 66mohm. Security level: Clamp mounts. 3005dn hp. Ut265b. Ac/dc voltage testing: 

Dc Ammeter

Electrical instrumentation. Black&red. Whdz professional multimeter. Features 6: Wholesale hvac ductwork. 1-200a. 600ma. 35*15*38. 40nf/400nf/4uf/40uf/200uf (3.0%+5). Ac 40a ±(3.0%+8d). Analyzer signal. 600---60m. About 3 times/second. Acm03 plus. 

T Parker

Sierra mini. 2a±1.9%±10,20/200/600a±1.9%±5. Ce cat.ii1000v cat.iii600v rohs. 200/2000 ohm. Hyelec ms2101. Wholesale dbm. Wholesale max d. Gearmotor dc. Description show. Logic frequency: Lcd display size: : Digital clamp meter current voltage multimeter. Ac: 600ma/6000ma/60a. 60.00 a / 6.000 ma / 60.00 ma. Wholesale loop current. Wholesale limiter current. 0.3kgs. 

Voltage Ohm

Approx.139g. 2.5 clamps. 0.1ma dc. 174*62*32mm. 10% ~ 95% +-3.0%. Wholesale aluminium 30 led. Prova11. 192mmx122mmx55mm. Quantity: Data analyzer. 

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