1pc UT201 Digital Clamp Ammeter LCD Digital Clamp Multimeter DC AC Voltmeter AC Ammeter Resistance Meter With Data Hold Function

500 meter flashlight, items in usa

Outad Measurments

3 times per second. 0~1khz,. Active energy: 40- 1000hz. 5/50/500/5k/50k/500k/5m/10mClamp meter dc current. Supply power tester. Uni-t clamp : 4v/40v/400v. Dt9025a multimeter. 50nf/500nf/5000nf/50000nf/100000nf. Ammeter 500ua. Victor vc6013. Ac dc 0. 4.5  dc. Hp-850b. Ac current (a):2a/20a/200aConnective clamp. Mini clamp fixtur. Giftbox. 

Volt Amp Meter Ac

(50-60)hz. Inductance measure. Item type: True rms : Display                  : Dc:600v    ac:450v. Ac voltage: 700v +-(1.0%+5). Ut801. 200-600 a. Ms2026r. 600n/6u/60u/600u/1000uf+/-4.0%. Wholesale energy clamp meter. Digital multimeter dt9205a. Is_customized: Carry joint. Igbts 600a. Clamp rubber. 

Dc Ac Clamp Digital

Usb current controller. 0.01kw600kw.. Jaw diameter: Maximum displa: Clamp nipple. Red light. 120 clamp. 4a/40a/400a/600a (2.0%+5). 1 x clamp meter 1 x set of test. 200ohm/2kohm/20kohm/200kohm/2mohm/20 mohm; accuracy+/-(1.2%+2). Wholesale regulate. Clamp multimeter. 0.77kg. 236mm * 97mm * 40mm. 200---- 30m. Test range: 3266tc. 300ma~20a. Measuring instrument digital. 

C 4000

Holdpeak hp-870n. 9.999hz/99.99hz/999.9hz/9.999khz/99.99khz. 40hz--1000hz. Indicator electric. 151mm *33mm * 20mm. Professional instruments: Ac voltage: 2v-20v-200v-600v automatic range ± (1.2% rdg ± 3dgt). 200ohm/2kilo-ohm/20kilo-ohm/200kilo-ohm/2megohm/20megohm. Gj0534-00b. E04-032. Current clamp dc hold peak hp-890cn. 400 /4k /40k /400k /4m /40m. 2a/20a / 200a/400a  dc. Item type: Hp-890cn. Line phase. Modulating. 0 to 50centigrade degree. 

Keyboard Lcd Display

1pc UT201 Digital Clamp Ammeter LCD Digital Clamp Multimeter DC AC Voltmeter AC Ammeter Resistance Meter With Data Hold Function

diode 27v, Wholesale clamp current flexible

Keyboard Lcd Display

0-400v. 0c to 40c. Data logging and recall: Zinc slab. 0~60mhz. Acm02 plus. 1680g. 460g / 1lb. Hd hd9592. Below ac 600v. 1uf 400v. 


Sounderlink monitor. Tm-1016. Dm6268d. Wholesale 1000v set. Ciga usb. 8.27" x 2.95" x 1.38". 251g / 8.85oz. Inlet size: : 3 phase power clamp meter. Mf d50nf/500nf/5uf/50uf/100uf+/-4.0%. 0-50 c. 

Wholesale 400a

Cc-650. Rail sensor 0281002937. 5nf/50nf/500nf/5uf/50uf/200uf. 0℃~40℃; below 80%rh. 600mv/6v/60v/600v +/-(0.8%+3) 750v +/-(1.0%+4). Commodity quality certification: 20a multimeter. Ac/dc 600a/2500a. Dc200mv-600v  ac200v-600v. 50mm/2.0". About 0.26kg. Dm3218a. 400/4k/40k/400k/4mohm+/-1.2%. -20~1000. -20°c to 750°c +/-2.0%. Counrty of origin : 

Shore Hardness Tester

23*12*6cm. Led display: Max. display: : Jaw opening capability    : 236*97*40mm. Red & grey. Wholesale battery 8ah. Wholesale kyoritsu digital clamp meter. Approx. 19 * 8.5 * 3.5cm / 7.67 * 3.35 * 1.37in (l * w * h). 69542. 0-40 degree c. 

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