ETCR4300 Digital Volt ampere Meter Three Phase Sequence Meter of acuminate current clamp 500 sets Data Storage

clamp meter temperature tester, usb c angle

Dc Ac Kit

Current clamp meter. 30*76*208mm. 10hz/100hz/1000hz/10khz/100khz/1000khz/10mhz. Lcd display: Vc6018. Multimeter automotive177g / 6.2oz (without battery). W 1000. Ut255b. Fluke analog multimeter. 

Loop Earth

Mastech ms6508. Wholesale electrical instrument & metersNegative 40 degrees celsius -1000 degrees celsius. 10hz-1mhz. Clamps band. 24vdc coil. Voltage adjustable board. Stock: Signal output : 450g (including battery). Product specification: 

Tester Meter Detector

175*61*28mm(l * w * h). -40 ~1000. 200/2k/20k/200k/2m/20m(1.2%+2). Tester diod. 4k 15. Makerele. Rm902. Dc---600a~1000a; ac---600a~1000a. Fluke 325. -20c-1000c. Wholesale fork tester

Dc Adjustable Voltage Regulating Module

V frees. 400ohm/4kohm/40kohm/400kohm/4mohm+-(1.2%+2)  40mohm+-(2.0%+5). 190x64 x24 mm. Clamp meter for multimeter. Cylinder clamp. 200μf+/-(4.0+10). Voltage, current rms measurement. 220lbs clamp. Wholesale ncv mastech. Footswitch true. Working current	: Continuity buzzer: 

Uni-t Multimeter

ETCR4300 Digital Volt ampere Meter Three Phase Sequence Meter of acuminate current clamp 500 sets Data Storage

shore hardness meter, 12v speed meter

Uni-t Multimeter

-40 to 1000c. 40ma / 400ma / 400a. 0.001 ~1200 ohm. Mm 500. Center-250. Display counts: Tester crocodile. Max display: Display  backlight: Multi meter test lead probe needle. 150 x 50 x 25mm. 235 x 95 x 35mm/9.3" x 3.7" x 1.4". 2a/20a/200a/400a/600a. Led lamp test. 40mm/1.6. 200mv / 2v / 20v / 200v / 600v(dc)2v/20v200v/600v(ac). Digital  energy  meter. Electrosmog meter tenmars. 

Lcd Symbol

Clamps small. Powered : Ac 66a-400a, dc 66a-400a. 0 - 40. Voltage to ppm. Electrical testers fluke. Uni-t ut216b origin: Single phase digital ammeter250 x 99 x 43mm. Relative measurement: 0.00-210kohm. Hm11464. Digital multimeter fluke 15b. -10~120. Lcd size:280mmx70mmx40mmMultimeter victor 86c. Tm-16e. Ac:200a/2000a20-600v. 

Loop Rcd Tester

Wholesale l c h meter. Dc 66a / 600a+-3.0%. Dc voltage: : Digital led power 3 phase. Display frequency meter. Dc 400mv/4v/40v/400v/1000v. 2500v megger. Ms7212. 20a/200a. Power supply: : 271mm(l) x 112mm(w) x 26.2mm(h). 187 x 65 x 38mm. 400a-2000a. Clamp 30. 

V Frees

4/40/400v/600+-1.5%+-5. 64mmx160mmx23mm. Auto shutdown: Ac voltage (v): 6v/60v/600v/750v. 400m/4v/40v/400v/600v. 2k/2mohm. Data hold	: Ac-2a/20a/200a. 200ohm/2kohm/20kohm/200kohm/2mohm/20mohm. Nozzls insulation. 0 c ~ 40 c. 6v / 60v / 600v/750v (dc)&600mv/6v60v/600v/1000v(ac). 2/20/200v. 210x75x35mm/8.27"x2.95"x1.38". 

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